A copy of Borovsky's graduation certification of May 28, 1914, number 2521
Certificate: The bearer of this Alexander K. Borovskiy, Orthodox faith, the son of a barrister, born March 6, 1889, was adopted by a Libau Nicholas gymnasium matriculation certificate of 4 June 1907 #548 in the number of students of the St. Petersburg Imperial University in the autumn of 1907 and enrolled in the Law Faculty, where listened course on the History of Roman Law, Roman Law Dogma, History of Russian Law, State Law, Canon Law, Police Law, Political Economy, Statistics, Civil Law and Procedure, Financial Law, International Law, Encyclopedia of Law, History of Law Philosophy, and on completion of all the conditions required by regulations of the semesters crediting, has credited eight semesters.
In witness thereof, on the basis of Art. 77 of the General Charter of the Imperial Russian Universities 23 August 1884, a certificate is issued to Alex. Borovskiy from the Law Faculty of the St. Petersburg Imperial University for proper signature and attached with the University print May 28, 1914 at number 2521. This certificate can not serve as a certificate of residence.
Acting as a Deacon of the Law Faculty of the St. Petersburg Imperial University
N. Rosin

Borovsky's Naturalization Papers

Copy of a letter written by Serge Koussevitzky in support of Borovsky's application for U.S. citizenship

Borovsky writes, March 15, 1912 to the rector of the Law School of St. Petersburg 
University for re-instatement:
To His Excellency Rector of the Imperial St. Petersburg University from the former student of the Law School Alexander Kirillovich Borovsky...on the petition of the Board meeting of the St. Petersburg University March 15, 1912 is determined to leave in the lists.


According to the Decision of the Board of the University of the 15th of December 1911 I was dismissed from the University due to non-payment of arrears.  I consider it necessary to explain that I was not able to make timely payments, because, having a blind father and being the eldest of eight children I had to support to pay all arrears, which I made along with these to the Deposit of the University, I have the honor to request Your Excellency to take me back to a number of students of the St. Petersburg University and resolve to take my notes on the lectures. Herewith I enclose a certificate on board and a receipt of deposit. (signed) Alexander Borovsky
Friday, March 16, 1912
87 rubles tendered

May 19, 1914
To his Excellency
Decane of the Law faculty of the Imperial St. Petersburg University.
Family name Borovskiy
Name and patronymic: Alexander Kirillovich
Address: V.O. (Vasilienvskiy island), 10th line, 15a, app. 2
Herewith presenting a matriculate, a reference from the Library and a certificate of absence of any defaults, I have the honor to request Your Excellency to grant me a discharge certificate of passing a full course of study at the St. Petersburg University.
May 16, 1914 (signed) Alexander Borovsky

Letter signed by Annette Essipova, Borovsky's piano professor (no date)
"Permission granted to Borovsky for a trip 3 times to Libau till Wednesday, March 2. (signed) A. Esipova). Borovsky was asking for time off from Conservatory to perform 3 recitals in his birth home.

Borovsky serves as an honorary pallbearer for Serge Koussevitzky's funeral in Boston, June 7, 1951

Two engraved medals in Borovsky's Archive
1) WEINHEIM STADT- (Germany) (no year) "from his friends for his 9 Concerts"
2) San Juan Bosco (ITALY) dated October 4, 1940

The Musical Times, November 1925 Borovsky's endorsement of Bechstein Pianos

from Borovsky's private papers "Thirty Members of the Bach Family" with ages

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